Faculty of History PhD Student, worked with the Cabinet Office on a project titled ‘ Policy advisor with the Open Innovation Team’.  

The fellowship involved working as a junior policy advisor for the Open Innovation Team at the UK Cabinet Office. The team functions as an in-house consultancy for departments across government, with its primary aim being to strengthen ties between government and academic experts.  

One of the main motivations behind my PhD project is to explore how gendered historical perspectives on economic processes can enable us to question and rework economic theory in context. Because of this, I was extremely interested in finding out more about how public policy was formulated and implemented in practice to gain a better understanding of how, and to what extent, academic research might contribute to it. Undertaking a fellowship with a government body seemed like the best way to gain insight into this. The fellowship opportunity with the Open Innovation Team appealed to me because the team exists precisely to promote collaboration between government and academia.  

Beyond providing me with invaluable skills and experience, the fellowship has broadened my thinking when it comes to my future career. It has enabled me to assess, or reassess, the potential for impact of different routes I was considering and suggested new ones. It has also made me aware of several various aspects of work that I particularly enjoy and might want to look for in a future career.  

The output of the fellowship included slide packs, reports, research summaries, presentations, and workshops. These can be broadly categorised into outputs designed to provide specific policy recommendations based on existing academia research, and outputs designed to foster direct collaboration between government and academia.  

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