G’s Fresh is one of Europe’s leading fresh produce companies growing around 20,000 hectares of crops. G’s supplies salads and vegetables (such as lettuce, celery, beetroot and onions) to major UK, European and North American retailers.  

The function of the ethics team is to ensure labour practices and standards are ethically compliant with government and customer regulations and requirements. The business also has internal requirements which all sites must maintain. The ethics team conduct audits with both internal sites and external partners, such as labour providers/recruitment agencies and suppliers. I had two main projects while on the internship. Firstly, I was responsible for updating the business’ modern slavery statement. This involved collaborating with the team on their KPIs and ensuring that we were up to date with current government requirements with regards to the statement. Secondly, I was leading the recruitment fees project with the aim of designing and implementing a research project to understand more about the recruitment process for seasonal migrant workers in the UK.    

I produced a report of the interview findings/analysis to present the key trends and patterns which had emerged throughout my internship. This will inform future recruitment and employment practices. I also made suggestions for how to improve the interview process, particularly at the pre-interview stage. I also completed the Modern Slavery statement which was uploaded to the website at the end of my internship. Conducting interviews with many different people made me more confident to conduct interviews for my own research. It has been an amazing experience and I have made relationships that will continue past the internship. 

With special thanks to G’s Fresh. 

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