My project involved working as a volunteer-intern for the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN), which is a network of people and grassroot NGOs, dedicated to documentation of state- and border violence against people on the move (migrants, refugees), and international and country-specific advocacy against violence and for the rights of people on the move.  BVMN especially focuses on the illegal pushbacks – systematic practice of violent expulsions of people across the borders without any legal procedures, opportunity to ask for international protection, or respect of human rights – in the region spanning from Turkey and Greece through the Balkans to Italy. I was placed at the “Wave Thessaloniki,” which is an NGO that daily distributes meals and essential non-food items to mostly homeless migrant population in Thessaloniki, Greece, and works together with the Medical Volunteers International, who offer pro-bono medical care.  

Since I have been doing ethnographic research with political refugees from Turkey in Greece, this knowledge and experience will have a direct positive impact on my research. In addition, the experience in NGO work and the knowledge I gained on EU migration policies and asylum law in Greece and Slovenia while assisting asylum seekers could be useful for me in career prospects beyond academic research. 

With special thanks to Border Violence Monitoring Network. 

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