Hands on experience of the work done by British Future, a think-tank and registered charity, that works to understand public attitudes and inform debates surrounding equality and diversity and social inclusion. 

British Future have a collection of data on people’s attitudes towards immigration stretching back to 2015. The idea of the project was to analyze trends in immigration attitudes since then, and also to investigate the characteristics of people with pro- and anti-immigration views. The aim of the fellowship was to clean, organize and document the data, then to perform the longitudinal and cross-sectional analyses. This fellowship gave me a chance to build connections with industry practitioners and to work on data organization and analysis skills, including learning some new techniques.  

I gained skills in data cleaning and organization, data documentation, longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis using R, app development using R, working with industry partners to produce public opinion research. I will use the analysis and organizational skills I honed at British Future on future projects. Additionally, the insights into immigration attitudes I picked up will help inform my future research into political attitudes. 

During this fellowship, I produced a report which was seen by the charity’s researchers, and internal and external academics. I also produced an app to easily visualise trends in the data. 

With thanks to British Future. 

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