Cambridge Grand Challenges (CGC) is a collaborative initiative designed to address local, national, and global issues. 

Our mission is to promote interdisciplinary research and foster collaboration among researchers and industry to find innovative solutions to some of the most significant challenges facing humanity today. 

Our priorities address issues such as strengthening resilience and crisis preparedness, while supporting UK’s global competitiveness. Specifically, we tackle pressing issues such as contributing to sustainable growth, exploring digital societies through advancements in AI and data, as well as driving innovation and improvements in health and social care provision and delivery.

By applying scientific research and methods to real-world problems, we strive to have a positive impact on society. 

Dr Konstantina Stamati, Founder of Cambridge Grand Challenges

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Image sourced form the Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Dr Stamati’s effort to close the gap between science and society also includes facilitating open access to research results. This paper, ‘Preparing UK PhD students towards employability: a social science internship programme to enhance workplace skills’, published by the Journal of Further and Higher Education, presents the evaluation of the Cambridge social science internship program that aims to enhance PhD students’ workplace skills and prepare them for successful careers outside academia.

The results demonstrated that our program had a positive impact on PhD students’ workplace skills and networking abilities, thereby creating a pool of potential candidates who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attributes to succeed in a variety of roles.

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the program’s impact on students’ employability and skills development. Industry partners who collaborate with us can contribute to the positive impact on the next generation of professionals and gain access to a community of talented academics. 

Image sourced from the Journal of Further and Higher Education.


‘We would definitely recommend the CGC fellowship framework to partners considering hosting an intern.’

British Future

Dr Heather Rolfe, Director of Research and Relationships

The CGC fellow’s academic competencies were utilised in the creation of a client deliverable which was complex and required a significant skillset.’

Dale Vieregge

Dale Vieregge, Senior Director, APCO Worldwide

‘Resources are stretched within the organization and it was great to have someone to work jointly with on this important topic’

Dr Rebecca Freeman

Senior Economist, Bank of England

‘A CGC-led workshop with Microsoft Research led to a fruitful collaboration with a PhD student focused on human avatars as co-workers.’

Dr Thomas Bohné

Founder & Head, Cyber-Human Lab

‘A CGC Fellow provided Aviva with knowledge on current techniques and findings that allowed us an provide steerage, rather than waiting to read a paper after research has concluded.’

Sarah Applegate

Head of Data Science & Partnerships, AVIVA

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