Cambridge Grand Challenges (CGC) is a collaborative initiative designed to address local, national, and global issues.  

At CGC, we promote interdisciplinary research and foster collaboration among researchers and industry to find innovative solutions to some of the most significant challenges facing humanity today. 

Through partnerships with academia, government, and third sector organisations, CGC brings together experts from various fields to work on interdisciplinary projects in areas such as climate change, health, and social inequality 

By applying scientific research and methods to real-world problems, we strive to have a positive impact on society. 

Dr Konstantina Stamati, Founder and Director

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The ‘Cambridge Grand Challenges’ Initiative

Dr Konstantina Stamati giving presentation

Growing up around a small family business, from an early age I was aware that there are many factors influencing sustainability, and the value chain effect of the environment on local economy and the business. This understanding has moulded the way I think and plan my research activities over the last 20 years. 

Bringing together my passions for education, collaboration and innovation to enhance skills, productivity and growth across multiple sectors in the UK, the Cambridge Grand Challenges is created to connect industry, government, and academia to address the largest challenges the world faces today, from climate change and the ageing society to global pandemics. 

We currently cover 26 departments across the six schools of the University. With a network of 60+ non-academic partnerships, CGC enables opportunities for academics to explore gaps in our knowledge and create innovative solutions. 

Our PhD students and early career students have the chance to enhance their skills and employability, build on their entrepreneurship abilities and leadership skills by providing solutions to real-world challenges.

Dr Konstantina Stamati

Founder and Director, Cambridge Grand Challenges 


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